Aspire Plus

Our Aspire Plus programme aims to engage vulnerable young people at risk of offending behaviours and anti-social behaviours in an out of school via a targeted programme of activities to boost social skills, employability skills and acquiring accreditation. It aims to support children affected by imprisonment, of significant family members, by offering support and focus.

  • To engage young people though attendance to out of school activities.
  • To enrich the lives of young people vulnerable to offending behaviours or already known to the youth justice system.
  • To assist the target group in acquiring social skills
  • To assist the target group in acquiring accreditation
  • To assist the target group in acquiring employability skills
  • To reduce anti-social behaviours in communities
  • To reduce offending behaviours of participants
  • To enrich the lives of low income disadvantaged and vulnerable young people

What kinds of activities do Aspire Plus offer?

Residential outdoor education experiences
Activity and leadership days out – mountain biking, paint-balling, go-karting
In-house vocational days – engineering, music instrument building

Aspire Plus

Easter 2016-17

May HT 2016-17

Summer Holiday 2017

October HT 2017-18

Christmas Holiday 2017-18

Easter 2017-18

May HT 2017-18

Summer Holiday 2018

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