Work Experience

Organisation of Work Experience

The opportunity to access a work experience placement falls within our KS4 alternative provision options, which are offered during the summer term of Yr9. Pupils, with the support of their parents, are encouraged to organise their own work experience, while staff will advise and help oversee the process. This encourages the pupils to use their initiative to find suitable placements and to make contact with employers. Our experience has shown that if the pupil arranges their own placement it is less likely to ‘fall through’ and is more likely to be successful.

Where pupils and parents struggle to arrange their own work placement staff will then help to research, contact and secure suitable placements for them.

The Academy reserves the right to withdraw pupils from the programme if there is significant concerns relating to poor behaviour, attendance, etc.


Roles and Responsibilities/Procedures

Mr Thomas and Mr Hitchins are responsible for the overall organisation, planning, tracking and evaluation of the work experience programme, and they are also the first point of contact for all pupils, parents/carers and placement providers.

Pupils will meet with either Mr Thomas or Mr Hitchins to discuss placement options, and they are responsible for conducting themselves in an appropriate manner during work experience. If pupils are unable to attend their work placement for any reason they are expected to inform both the school and placement as early as possible.

The Heads of Yr10 and Yr11, and the Yr10 and Yr11 tutors are kept informed of the placement details.



We are required by the Department for Education and by the Health & Safety Executive to seek reassurance on insurance and health and safety aspects of work experience before approving placements. To ensure that these requirements are in place The Aspire Academy are in partnership with Worcestershire EBP Ltd, who visit work placement providers to conduct the necessary insurance and health and safety checks, and subsequently approve the placements for work experience. These suitable work placements are then listed on their work experience database, and once listed, pupils can then be enrolled and begin the placements.


Monitoring and Review

We monitor each pupil’s work experience attendance via daily phone calls and ad-hoc visits – any absences are managed through our ‘first day calling’ process by our attendance officer and administration team. We will review all placements half termly and this will be done in collaboration with the placement provider, the school, the parents and the pupil.



 A broad diet of relevant formal qualifications are offered to all pupils who access work experience, including; OCN London Progression, Prince’s Trust Awards and AQA Unit Awards at all levels.

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