British Values

The Aspire Academy British Values Statement

The Aspire Academy is committed to promoting national values to incorporate all students and their families regardless of their background. We firmly believe that it is necessary to identify opportunities to specifically promote British Values across all aspects of the curriculum as part of supporting long-standing traditions and enabling our learners to develop in the country in which they live.

To enable our students to develop an awareness of British Values, the Aspire Academy promotes specific values as part of identified programmes of study, for example within our PSHE programme.

We provide students with the opportunity to feel a part of decisions and exercise their democratic rights through Student Voice activities such as the Aspire Academy pupil council; in the design of behaviour expectations and choosing some suitable curriculum pathways. We believe personal choice is fundamental to success and so, by allowing students to engage in some vocational studies of their choosing, outcomes and associated experiences will be improved. The freedom to be individual in their studies encourages students to take responsibility for their future and reflect on their behaviour in school and in society.

The academy actively promotes the tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs whilst challenging those who express opinions that conflict with British Values. We are forging relationships with the West Mercia Police Force in order to promote a more harmonious philosophy pertaining to the rule of the law and expectations regarding social norms and values. Regular drop-ins and visits by community police officers helps build this relationship. This also advocates respect for those in authority and supports students in establishing effective interactions with different members of the academy staff, associated professionals, key stakeholders, students, those with parental responsibility and visitors.

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