Can I choose to send my son/daughter to The Aspire Academy?

No. Your child’s school will refer him or her to The Aspire Academy if they think he or she will do better there. This will probably be because your child has been struggling in their home school and needs an alternative approach to help him or her succeed. If your child is in KS4, the Academy will be a permanent part of their provision until the end of Year 11. They may be at the Academy full time or still access some courses at their home school. The Academy and the home school will develop a personalised plan for your child. If your child is in KS 3, it is more likely that he or she will be referred for a short period and the Academy will work with your child to enable them to return and succeed in their home school.

Where will my son/daughter study?
This depends on why your son/daughter has been referred to The Aspire Academy. Most teaching will take place at The Aspire Academy, but some students will travel to other venues for some of their chosen subjects.

Can my son/daughter choose where to study?
This will depend on the subjects they choose. Some vocational subjects will be taught at the Academy – other will be taught at our partner organisations. Transport will be arranged by the Academy, if necessary.

Who will talk to me about this?
The headteacher of your child’s school will make contact with you, if it is thought that this is the best route for your child

Are arrangements made for transport to and from the Academy?
This will depend on where you live. Every case will be dealt with individually and a transport plan developed for every child. We will expect children to become independent travellers and this will be part of the skills development of the Academy programme.

How many students are in a class?
On average there will be 8 students in a class – there may be some classes where a larger group is taught by more than 1 adult – other students will benefit from smaller groups or even 1:1 tuition.

How are courses assessed?
Full time KS4 students will all take courses which lead to nationally accepted awards. Some will take GCSEs, others will take more vocationally based qualifications. Many will take a mix of both. KS3 students will be assessed on entry and exit to ensure they have made the appropriate progress in a range of subjects and skills. Some KS3 students will be given the opportunity to access their FS EL3 and L1 exams early, if appropriate.

What about term dates?
The Academy term dates will mirror the mainstream school term.  There is a Calendar link on the website which will show all important dates and events.

Who checks attendance?
Your child’s attendance will be checked and followed up in exactly the same way as mainstream schools. Support workers will be available to help you if you are having difficulties getting your child to attend.

Will I have to pay anything?
No. The Aspire Academy is a state funded school and there is no charge to parents

Will the Academy help my child to get into college?
Yes. One of the main aims of the Academy is to ensure every child has a post 16 place and will work with colleges and other trainers to support your child even after they have left us.

Will the Academy help my child to get a job?
Yes. The programmes at the Academy will be designed to develop employability skills and we will work with local employers to give all our students work experience and employment opportunities.